Hi there!

Welcome to my caravan in this journey of learning the joys and pains of value investing.

I hope along the way, we might find that even the journey itself was as enjoyable as the destination.

This site is all about creating, preserving and enhancing wealth using the highly effective technique of value investing, of which I am a life long student, and an ardent follower.

I’m Ginto Mathew, creator and main author of this site. I am an Equity Investor as well as an IT Consultant.

I live in Harrow, London, with my lovely wife and amazing kids.  You can reach me at ginrocks (at) gmail (dot) com.

If value investing was a religion, you might  find me as a zealot missionary 🙂

I focus on Value investing in the equity markets. Specifically in Indian Listed securities.

I started my Investing journey as soon as I started earning my regular income. I have participated and learned from the boom and bust that the markets went through in the past 15+ years.

I have made mistakes along the way and each one taught me something. And trust me on this, I got lots of learning opportunities 🙂

My successes in the initial years of my investing journey were mostly by luck. And losses, by stupidity as well as my lack of appreciation of the profound role of behavioral finance in investing.

I would like to think that of late, that causation has altered slightly. All my successes owe a lot to avoiding stupidity, rather than doing something particularly brilliant.

Conquering that little stupid primordial monkey within oneself will make all the difference.

Be warned that value investing requires a very thick stomach lining. This is no route for getting rich quick. And at times it will feel very much like a roller coaster ride.

It will take a fairly long time- 10-13 years before one will start seeing the effects of the ‘magic of compounding’ in his/her wealth .

Like all good things in life, this takes time. But it will be well worth it.


By the very nature of the topics covered here, it is inevitable that some specific companies, indices or parts of my own portfolio are discussed here. I might express my own opinions of their current valuations or future prospects.

They will remain just that- my personal opinions and nothing more.

Those opinions/views are NOT in any way my recommendations and they are NOT to be construed as recommendations for any action. You, the reader, and you alone are responsible for any action you take on those mentioned stocks. I will not bear any responsibility for any such actions or results therefrom.

If you are still looking for advice/recommendations, please go to a certified investment adviser. They might charge you for their service.

(although my advice will always be:  learn to do it yourself. It is always way more rewarding in the end.)





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