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Just learned that the updated version of ICICI Direct website has a cool new section called ‘Portfolio X-ray’. It shows the historical performance of your portfolio against Benchmark Index.

I was reasonably happy with the absolute returns from my portfolio so far but never really knew how it compared against a bench mark. So was pleased to see the results in the report.


So my portfolio has managed to outperform Benchmark Index returns handsomely.

Over the last 39 quarters analysed above, it outperformed the benchmark in 25 quarters and under performed in 14. During the last 5 years, it has outperformed benchmark in all quarters except for 4 quarters including the current one.

Hopefully this is some validation of improved processes / checklists thanks to my learning from Value Pickrs Team, Rohit Chauhan, Prof Sanjay Bakshi, Vishal Khandelwal, Jana Vembunarayan, Anil Tulsiram to name just a few of  many stalwarts who continue to teach me via their blogs/articles/forums.

The objective of posting this is not just to pat my own back ( main reason is just that- I wont lie :)) but also to prove that the PROCESS WORKS in the long term even when practiced by a person of mediocre intelligence and basic knowledge of the investing process (me).

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