Financial Calculators

Launching some useful Financial Calculators. All about compounding. More to be added soon…

Want to find the Future Value of an investment? Input your starting capital, rate of return and number of years you can leave it to compound and be amazed at the result !


Want to find the Present Value of a Future Amount? Input your Future Value, Discount rate and number of years and find out what it is worth in today’s money!


Want to find how fast did your investment grow? Use the below Calculator. Enter your Starting capital, Ending Capital and Numbers of years. What you get is the real ‘annualized rate’ also known as the ‘Compounded Annual Growth Rate’ or CAGR.


Below one is my favourite ! You know your current net worth. And imagine you know your target net worth (your goal). Play with various Growth rates and see how many years it will take to reach your Goal 🙂

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